“Diane painted my daughters (aged 5 and 4) as a surprise birthday present for my wife.  They now hang in our bedroom as the last thing we see before we turn the lights out. They are great and we love them.  Jemima and Evie loved being photo’d at Diane’s house and she somehow managed to get them to pose for some beautiful pictures – something we have never managed. What really amazes me is that whilst she hasn’t painted a particular photo, she has captured the character and expression of the girls to a tee.  A superstar!”

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please email me ( ) with any initial thoughts and your contact details and I will get back to you.

I always start a portrait from life, ideally with a first sitting of around 4 hours for a painting. I can then continue with further sittings or may be able to continue from my own photographs if time does not allow this.

Paintings are normally produced in oil on canvas or drawings in charcoal/chalk on paper.

Drawings will normally start from about £200 and paintings from £450, but this depends on size and location.

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